topics to save your relationship

Intimacy. Pexels. … Relationship Boundaries. Pexels. … Relationship Needs. Pexels. … Relationship Fears. Pexels. … Fighting Style. Pexels. … Spending Habits. Pexels. … Children. Pexels. … Each Other’s Family. Pexels.

tips on health and beauty blogs

Identify your audience. When sitting down to write a blog, I find it helpful to think about who my primary audience is. …Hook your readers. There are a lot of health care blogs on the internet. …One idea, one blog. When you write a blog, try to have a tight

Few Inspirational Quotes

“Never compare your beginning to someone else’s middle.” – Jon Acuff. “It always seems impossible until it’s done.” “You cannot hang out with negative people and expect to live a positive life.” “Surround yourself with people who get it.”


Communication Issues. The most common complaint among married couples is lack of communication. … Ignoring Boundaries. It’s not uncommon for one spouse to try to change his or her partner. … Lack of Sexual Intimacy. … Emotional or Sexual Infidelity. … Fighting About Money. … Selfishness. … Value Differences. … Different Life Stages.

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